Wheels of Change

With a sleek design and a smooth ride, Fifield eBikes are a fun alternative to traditional modes of transportation. The company is based in Hingham and was founded by Ed Martin, president of Fifield Fabrics, a textile manufacturing company. Martin, who is passionate about cycling in general and often rides his traditional bicycle around Wompatuck State Park, got his appreciation for e-bikes while traveling abroad and thought he could help bring an even better e-bike to American audiences.

Premiere Fifield e-Bike models include the Chatham and Caladesi, which are each crafted from the highest quality aircraft-grade chrome-moly steel (a material that is lighter, more durable and more flexible than aluminum) and are built by hand by e-bike expert Ted Wojcik and feature an internal gear system and a belt drive. Fifield also sells a step-through model called the Seaside and a foldable city-style e-bike called The Jetty. The bikes can be sized and custom colored to fit every rider and appeal to people who want to spend less time in gas guzzling SUVs and more time outside in the fresh air. Riders can make use of pedal assistance to enhance a traditional riding experience or crank up the throttle to ascend steep hills with ease. The bikes can travel 20 miles per hour and the batteries typically last 20-30 miles on a single charge. You still have to pedal an e-bike, but sweating is optional. 

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