Wahlburgers’ Bành Mì Burger

While the Wahlburgers’ menu pays homage to the dishes chef Paul Wahlberg ate growing up, he has begun to introduce inventive exclusive menu offerings to encourage diners to try new flavors. Enter the Bành Mì burger with house-made kimchi. Most recently, Wahlberg was inspired by the classic Vietnamese sandwich and began playing around with a kimchi recipe. His version, a combination of daikon radish, carrots, rice wine vinegar and granulated sugar, keeps the integrity of the dish yet can be easily prepared by the trained cooks in his restaurants. Currently, Wahlburgers has a total of 15 house- made condiments (not including the kimchi) on the menu. It’s Wahlberg’s commitment to keeping the menu chef-inspired and bringing his diners house-made ingredients that makes his restaurant stand apart from its competitors. This creative burger features a freshly ground turkey burger patty, country pâte (made of ground pork, onions, garlic and spices), kimchi, jalapeños, English cucumbers, cilantro and Sriracha mayo served on an artisan potato bun. Wahlberg’s Bành Mì Burger is available now at Massachusetts locations until Memorial Day. 19 Shipyard Drive, Hingham, 781-749-2110

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