The Melding of Musical Minds

Though the name “Billington Sea” alludes to one of Plymouth’s 365 ponds, a rootsy folk duo, who recently debuted their first joint album of the same name, weaves an entirely new story.  Not even acquaintances until the last few years, local singers/songwriters Hayley Sabella and Jake Hill were surprised to discover the close proximity of their homes and lifestyles, in their hometown of Plymouth.  Each acclaimed performing artist is a success in their own right, with their growing mutual appreciation for each other’s craft drawing them to work together over the last year and a half.

Billington-Sea-CD-Sleeve“We had written too many songs not to (do an album together),” Sabella says. “We started to realize that our sound together was distinct from our sound as individuals and that people were responding to it well.”

Hill agrees. “I checked out her tunes because she really was such a kind soul, and a friend of mine told me I should check out her ‘Farm Fingers’ record and I was blown away. We got together soon after that and have been writing songs for two years or more now. It’s been wonderful.” With Hill’s talent for storytelling and Sabella’s gifted musicality, they blended their identities, which resulted in a beautifully crafted set of songs.

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