The Countdown Continues

As the town of Plymouth gears up for the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower in 2020, Plymouth 400 Inc. is busy planning signature events and programs honoring this historic anniversary. Here are a few fun ways to show your support.

Buy a Plate

The Plymouth 400 Commemorative License Plate Project was started in 2013 to help raise funds and awareness for the organization. Anyone who wants to show their local pride by purchasing a license plate can do so through the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles website. Highly desired plate numbers were auctioned off earlier this year, but there’s still time to get your car tricked out with a piece of history. $12 from each initial plate purchase will go directly towards Plymouth 400, Inc. to support programs and events for the 2020 Commemoration.

Go Fishing

Fishing fans of all ages can take part in the Plymouth 400 Bass and Blue Fishing Tournament, which is a fundraiser for Plymouth 400, Inc. on July 15 and 16. Participants may fish in any Massachusetts waters and the weigh-in station is located at Cordage Park Pier in North Plymouth. A $1,000 prize will be awarded for the largest catch.

Support the Stamp

Plymouth 400, Inc., under the guidance of the Plymouth Rock Stamp Club, is campaigning to have the US Postal Service issue one or more stamps commemorating the 400th anniversary of Plymouth Colony, just as it did for Plymouth’s 300th and 350th anniversaries. The more letters the committee receives about a particular stamp subject, the more likely they are to recommend it to the Postmaster General.

For more information on upcoming Plymouth 400 events, visit

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