Surf and Turf on a Bun

Wahlburgers’ flagship restaurant, located at the picturesque Hingham Shipyard, is serving up a mouthwatering burger that is sure to be the prime catch of the day this summer. Wahlburgers’ new Surf ‘n Turf burger is 1/3-pound ground beef topped with thick chunks of fresh Maine lobster. The burger is layered with melted white cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and bacon, which dials up the richness, and prepared with delicate lemon-chive mayo. Served on a toasted potato roll, this burger combines two classic American summertime favorites into one savory sandwich. It’s a dish that requires two hands and a big appetite. 19 Shipyard Drive, Hingham, 781-749-2110, ­­—Danika Thiele

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