Summer Sunflower

Painting by Patricia Isaac

“Color and light are important to my choice of subject matter,” says Rockland artist Patricia Isaac, whose artistic medium of choice is oil pastels. “It offers me the best of both worlds: drawing and painting,” she says. Isaac attended Massachusetts College of Art and has a passion for art and for teaching. She and taught art in the Rockland Public Schools for 30 years before ultimately becoming the chairman of the art department. In 2004, Isaac co-founded the Oil Pastel Society, whose mission is to “promote the knowledge and understanding of oil pastel as a fine art medium and to expand the awareness of oil pastel to other artists, galleries and the general public.”  She currently works out of a studio space in the ET Wright Building in Rockland and is a member of the 4th Floor Artists. She is also a gallery artist at South Shore Art Center and The Plymouth Guild.

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