Scituate Native Pens Book about Adoption

By Brianna Winters

In her children’s book, “Adoption is a Lifelong Journey,” Scituate native Kelly DiBenedetto of Boston Post Adoption Resources (BPAR) aims to open discussions between children and parents surrounding the emotional challenges associated with adoption.

Coming from a large family, DiBenedetto says that it was important for her to go into a profession where she could help families grow and stay connected.

An art therapist, DiBenedetto wanted to use illustrations to make the book accessible to kids and adults. The young narrator, Charlie, voices some of the common questions that adoptive children have. In one instance, he wonders how to ask his new parents about family history day at school.

“We wanted to give the child a voice and we hope that children can feel connected to Charlie and normalize their experiences so that they don’t feel so alone,” says DiBenedetto. The book also acknowledges the confusion and frustrations that adoptive parents may experience. “It is approachable and strength-based, two of the therapeutic techniques we focus on at BPAR,” says DiBenedetto. Each page has puzzle pieces for parents and caregivers that put together recommendations and resources for tough topics such as how and when to give affection. “Recommendations provide encouragement because many times the answer isn’t black and white,” says DiBenedetto.

BAPR is a nonprofit organization and devotes all proceeds from “Adoption is a Lifelong Journey” to its mission of supporting and providing resources to anyone touched by adoption.


On November 18, National Adoption Day, BAPR will be visiting the probate court in Boston and giving copies of “Adoption is a Lifelong Journey” to the families who are finalizing adoptions.

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