Say Cheese

Bloomy Rind Cheese Board

Known for their astounding selection of artisanal meats and cheese, Bloomy Rind in Hingham has made entertaining this summer a cinch thanks to their all-in-one cheese slates.

“A cheese plate is great because it allows a host to pour wine and mingle with company while enjoying the first course,” says co-owner Mary Gonsalves. Available in a variety of sizes, the slates feature a variety of hand-selected cheeses, specialty crackers and crostini and other savory accoutrements that come plated on a stone tile that is later returned to the shop. “It’s a great way to get people to come back and let us know how they liked it,” says Gonsalves. “I love talking to people when they return so I can hear how their evening was.”

The popular small cheese slate feeds up to 20 people and includes three cheeses: one soft (either cow or goat), a bleu cheese and a hard cheese, each paired with specific tasty items like homemade spicy plum jelly, fig jam, fresh cherries or edible flowers. Thanks to the rotating selection of products available at the shop, no two plates are the same. Customers who desire a smaller selection may opt for a petite slate—a great option for a pre-dinner snack for couples. Bloomy Rind also offers beautiful charcuterie boards featuring seasonal meats and homemade artisanal dips and salads that are perfect for entertaining at a dinner party or small gathering. 21 Main St., Hingham, 781-740-1001

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