Rope and Anchor Bracelet Style

Nicole Recomendes grew up selling friendship bracelets in a cul-de-sac near her Hanover home, but she never dreamed that she’d one day have her own jewelry line.

About two years ago Recomendes launched a website selling handmade fashion jewelry from a selection of small designers and the experience of working with the artisans inspired her to try her hand at making her own designs. In May of 2015, she launched Allison Cole Jewelry, a line of nautically inspired bracelets with a distinct South Shore appeal.

“I spent a lot of time on our family boat as a child, so that’s where my eye for the nautical style comes from and why I love working with rope so much,” says Recomendes. Anyone who enjoys boating or lives hear the ocean will appreciate her signature bracelet styles crafted out of strong maritime rope or bungie cord and sleek metal anchor clasps. Her newest “half hook” design features navy cotton rope and a silver plated half-hook closure. Allison Cole Jewelry is sold locally at Suzanne’s Home Furnishings and Gift Boutique and Pink Poppy, both in Hingham, as well as on


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