Rooftop Patriotism – Plymouth Photographer Captures Local Barn

Photo by Anne McLaughlin

Photographer Anne McLaughlin grew up spending her summers in Manomet and moved from Boston to Plymouth two years ago. Ever since, she has enjoyed exploring the town’s winding backroads and scenic coastline in search of inspiration.

“I am constantly pulling over to shoot idyllic scenes,” says McLaughlin, who takes most of her photos using an iPhone 6. “The barn was one of the first things that I noticed on my drives. Although a bit dilapidated, I loved the flag on the roof.”

McLaughlin is an avid Instagrammer with a knack for capturing images of the local landscape, from horses and barns to marinas, boats and beaches. “There are endless scenic areas from Old Sandwich Road to White Horse Beach and Plymouth Long Beach,” says McLaughlin. “My favorite thing to photograph are sunsets. If I see a touch of pink in the sky with a bunch of clouds in the early evening, I will quickly head to the beach for pictures. Aside from being an Instagram junkie, McLaughlin belongs to the Art Society of The Pinehills, where she lives, and the Plymouth Digital Photographers Meet-up Group. You can keep up with her latest adventures on her Instagram @Anniem_617.

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