Rock On

“Tassel necklaces and geode/druzy pieces are hot right now,” says Norwell jewelry designer Lynne Murphy. The owner of Mount Blue Co., Murphy designs beautiful jewelry pieces that feature a range of semi-precious stones, including many with vibrant oceanic hues, like turquoise, amazonite, opal and larimar.

“I wanted to design a line that used high quality materials but at a price everyone can afford,” says Murphy, who got serious about jewelry making last year at the urging of her family and friends. “When my full time job started to slow down this past winter, I finally had the time to get serious, switch gears, and take the leap to start creating my designs that I had in my head for so long,” says Murphy.  “The overwhelmingly positive response I received so quickly towards my designs and their affordability was a little unexpected as a new designer, but reassured me and confirmed that I was on the right path.” 

Murphy’s designs are eye catching and versatile and may be paired with jeans or a party dress. “I like to have a variety of designs for my clients to choose from, but we are known for our unique statement and delicate layering pieces,” says Murphy.  She also carries initial necklaces for younger customers.

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