Rejuvenating Retreats

One of the best ways to clear your head and refresh your outlook on life is to change your surroundings and/or have a new experience. Duxbury resident Elaine Haffey is a yoga instructor who turned her own sense of wanderlust into a business called Retreat2Wellness. Haffey coordinates small group travel experiences designed to inspire, physically challenge and connect participants with other like-minded individuals. She has led trips to all sorts of exciting locales around the world, but this summer marks the first time she will be hosting a retreat here on the South Shore.

The Beachside Wellbeing Retreat, held on August 19 – 21, is a weekend getaway that provides three days of active learning and personal growth and in a scenic South Shore setting. Designed for groups of up to 12 people, the retreat features activities like yoga, stand-up paddleboard and beach fitness as well as trips to historic sites and nutrition and cooking lessons. “It’s an active retreat but there is space and time to contemplate and reflect,” says Haffey. “I hope people take the opportunity to step out of the craziness of their everyday life and take a moment to be in a place where they can open their senses, enjoy nature and think of what is meaningful and important in life.” Haffey’s next group getaway will be an Icelandic adventure.

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