Reggae Icon with Duxbury Roots Releases New Track

A conversation with Scott Woodruff from the band Stick Figure

By Dagmar Seppala | Photography by Jack Foley

Duxbury native Scott Woodruff, the lead member of the band Stick Figure, creates music based in roots-dub reggae.

For South Shore native Scott Woodruff, the lead vocalist of the band Stick Figure, the frenetic pace of the summer will continue unabated into the fall and beyond with the release of “World on Fire,” the latest song off the band’s upcoming album. Woodruff, a producer, composer and singer, grew up in Duxbury and launched the band’s first album, “The Sound of my Addiction,” in 2006 (then as a solo act). Today, Stick Figure is a four-man modern reggae band (Woodruff sings vocals and plays guitar, Kevin Offizer is on drums, Kevin Bong plays the keyboard and Tommy Suliman is on bass) with a seventh, soon-to-be-released studio album.

Woodruff, a self-taught musician, tours the nation with his band, performing in front of tens of thousands of fans who can’t get enough of the group’s upbeat songs. Their playful new track “World on Fire” soothes with a rhythmic bass and features reggae icon Slightly Stoopid, who will be joining Stick Figure on their “School’s Out For Summer Tour,” alongside the band Pepper. Fans will also get a chance to see Stick Figure at the world-famous Red Rocks Amphitheater on April 20, 2019, and the band will be offering fly-away packages to some lucky fans to attend the event. For more information on the band and to hear about their newest projects, visit

The multi-talented Scott Woodruff took time out of his busy schedule to talk us about growing up on the South Shore, his influences, music and more.

Q & A

Where did the name Stick Figure come from?

Stick was my nickname growing up, since my last name is Woodruff. It’s funny how a simple nickname can ‘stick.’

How would you define your music?

Laid-back, feel-good music, heavily influenced by reggae and dub. Music written to soothe the soul in the mountains or on the beach.

What is it like performing on your hometown audience?

It’s amazing to play so close to home, 10 minutes from the house I grew up in. Every time I come back all my friends and family come out and support [us], and that always adds that extra energy. A lot of the bands I was listening to in high school were playing at Levitate Music Festival this year. It’s so cool that music can stay relevant for so many years. It’s fun to watch the young kids from my hometown having the best time out in the crowd; that would have been me out there in the crowd just feeling the vibes.

Growing up in the South Shore, were you exposed to the music and skate-surf arts community at a young age?

For several years of my life I never went anywhere without a skateboard, so yes definitely. Snowboarding five days a week and listening to music goes hand in hand.

What does the South Shore mean to you? Any favorite spots from your childhood you still visit?

The South shore is home and going down to the Beachcomber in Wellfleet is always fun.

You’re a self-taught musician. Do you have any advice for people with dreams of making it big?

Practice every day. And always make music that makes you feel good!

Does your family share an interest in music?

Growing up, my parents listened to a lot of music, so I was constantly surrounded by music from a very early age. Led Zeppelin, the Doors, The Beatles were always playing at my house, and any interest I showed in music was supported, so I had a guitar and drum set from a very early age.

Cocoa on tour.

Cocoa the Tour Dog is a fan favorite. What is it like touring with man’s best friend? Any memorable moments?

We’ve always toured with Cocoa. She brings balance to tour life.

What’s the most unique aspect of performing at Levitate since 2013? What are your thoughts on how much the Levitate brand has grown over the years?

It’s been an honor to have been able to perform at Levitate since the first day, to see it grow from a small gathering to being one of the fastest-growing music festivals in the country.

What do you love about performing?

My favorite part is seeing people smile and having people sing with you. Seeing someone in the crowd fully letting go and just singing along is the best energy feedback I could ever ask for!

Do you think your albums direction and tone has changed between traveling and moving from moving coast to coast? Favorite thing about West Coast and East Coast?

For me travel is an inspiration, but it has nothing to do with being on one coast or another, it’s all love.

You’re on tour with Pepper and Slightly Stoopid for the summer, what is it like working with them? Do you bounce inspiration off of each other?

It’s amazing to play with two of my favorite bands each night. Good vibes and family atmosphere. We have some collaborations we’ve already done together (“World on Fire” and “Choice is Yours”) and some still to come…

What’s on the horizon for the next album?


Listen to a sample of World on Fire here.



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