Rediscovering Plymouth… One Lobster at a Time

Photographed by Leah Astore

By now you may have seen the fleet of 5-foot tall lobsters that have popped up all around Plymouth Center. The Plymouth Lobster Crawl is a new public art installation hosted by the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce that features 29 fiberglass lobsters sponsored by local businesses and decorated by local artists. Armed with a Lobster Crawl map and a thirst for adventure, Plymouth photographer Leah Astore set out to play the tourist in her hometown and capture images of each lobster.

“Some made me laugh, like “Oceanus,” the dentist lobster, and the “Personal Injury LAW-bster,” both of which made great use of their props,” says Astore. “Others made me reflect on the memories I collected growing up in Plymouth, like the appropriately titled “Childhood Memories.” Some of the other creatively named crustaceans include “RocKing Lobster,” “Cordage,” “Clawdia-Woman in Gold,” “Lynx The Lucky Lobster,” and “Sir-Loin The Lobster.” With sculptures spread all the way from Redbrook Meeting House to Nelson Park, completing the entire crawl requires a car, but most of the route can be done on foot.

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