Q&A with the Owners of Wrap It Up Home

Photo by Nathan O’Nions (moving house), via Wikimedia Commons

Meet Karen Bandera, Linda Whitman and Mary Ann Johnson of Duxbury-based Wrap It Up Home

What inspired you to start Wrap It Up Home?

We were inspired by our own moving and remodeling experiences. Just finding the time to pack our belongings while managing our day-to-day lives was very stressful and time consuming, combined with the fact that every moving company we ever hired seemed to be more proficient in moving and not packing. We know that the most important aspect of any move is to pack all belongings very carefully and thoughtfully—like they are your own.

What services and packages do you offer clients?

We offer complete house packs, individual room packs, renovation packs, unpacks, downsizing, discarding and organizing. We help with outsourcing to other companies that can remove unwanted items before the move. We also offer our clients our own Wrap It Up Home priority checklist that itemizes essential items they will need up until the day they move. Once you start preparing items to pack, the client may suddenly decide they don’t want an item packed but rather donated or discarded. Often, packing becomes a trip down memory lane.

What makes your business so unique/sets you apart from traditional moving companies? 

As woman, we understand the time, trust and care that is needed to pack valuable belongings. So many of our clients have said “I don’t even want my husband to pack my china.” We charge an hourly rate and offer the boxes and packing materials at an additional cost, which gives the client the opportunity to customize their job. That is what sets Wrap It Up Home apart from traditional movers—our attention to detail and the clients’ requests.

Aside from people who are moving to a new home, who else do you serve?

Clients that are remodeling or transitioning from their vacation property back to their primary residence. Also, clients who need help organizing or transitioning their elders has become a large part of our business. As the population ages, more children are left with the responsibility to make these decisions for their parents. 

What do you love most about your job?

The people. Everyone’s situation is unique and it gives us great satisfaction to help such wonderful people. In fact, most clients end up as our friends.

Duxbury • 781-974-2578 • info@wrapituphome.com

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