Q&A with Kerrilee Pietroski, Catalyst Hypnosis Center

Owner of Catalyst Hypnosis Center in Norwell, Kerrilee Pietroski, M. Ed., B.C.H., OTR/L, is a board-certified hypnotherapist and a certified hypnosis instructor through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). 

How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness where your subconscious mind is receptive to suggestions. Just about anyone can be hypnotized, so long as they have an open mind and participate willingly. The most basic explanation of how hypnosis works is that your mind works on two levels. You have your conscious analytical mind—where your willpower is housed—and it requires a lot of energy. Then you have your subconscious mind—home to all of your automatic habits and routine behaviors. It’s basically your autopilot. It’s the reason why you might go through your entire day with the best of intentions to change a behavior and then you become stressed or tired and find yourself self-sabotaging when the autopilot kicks in.

Kerrilee Pietroski

In hypnosis we quiet the conscious mind and deliver suggestions to the subconscious mind to create healthier default patterns. We also utilize one’s imagination, because the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality. For example, if you were to remember a stressful day – your heart would start beating faster and your stomach might start churning. You create that stress chemistry in your body because your subconscious mind believes that is your current reality. So, we utilize your imagination to create a new reality based on the changes you want to make.

Are there common misconceptions about hypnosis?

A common misconception is that hypnosis is mind control. The client is in control at all times. Hypnosis is a natural state that is similar to daydreaming. The hypnotist merely facilitates the process of helping a person get into that relaxed state. In this state, you are open to suggestions and because you are in control, you will only accept suggestions that fit with the changes you want to make.

What are your offerings?

I specialize in Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis. However, I work with numerous issues including weight loss, stress management, confidence building, public speaking, exam performance, sports performance, ending bad habits and more.

What is Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis?

The Virtual Gastric Band Program is an all-encompassing program that addresses many issues that people struggle with when trying to lose weight (nighttime eating, emotional eating, exercise motivation, sugar cravings, etcetera). I describe the program as a package. The present inside the package is a healthy relationship with food. The virtual gastric band is the bow on the package that helps you feel fuller off smaller amounts of food. Of course, you know you don’t really have a lap band, but on a subconscious level you believe your stomach is smaller and you become fuller quicker.

What sets you apart from the competition?

I am the only dually certified Eating Psychology Coach and Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner in the country. I am also a Strategic Intervention Coach through the Tony Robbins Institute (Robbins-Madanes). My trainings have enabled me to develop effective programs to help my clients change their habits and approaches toward food and develop an online program at KPEmpoweringU.com. I also provide corporate wellness programs for weight loss, stress management and improved productivity.

Anything new and exciting for 2018?

My services are constantly evolving. I’ve started doing stage hypnosis shows, which are great for school fundraisers and corporate entertainment. It has taken my corporate programs to a whole new level. I am also developing an online membership that will offer continued support to clients once they have completed an in-office program. I am really excited about this.

Catalyst Hypnosis Center
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