Q&A with Kate Bowen of Duxbury’s Petit Peony

Meet Kate Bowen, the founder, designer and CEO of Petit Peony

How would you describe the Petit Peony children’s clothing line?

It’s a modern take on traditional styles. When I’m designing for children I envision what I would like my children to wear on particular holidays and to special events such as lobster bakes, boating excursions and birthday parties. I love kids to look like kids, and to be wearing sweet, thoughtful prints that evoke imaginative play.

How often do you come out with a new collection?

When we started, we would release two collections a year, but in 2018 we’re planning to release five. We design all of our own prints now. The spring/summer collection features storybook patterns, like balloons and mermaids and the summer collection has the red, white and blue and we also did watermelons and a lemon print, inspired by lemonade stands. We only produce a few hundred of each style, so we often sell out.

Tell me about your new Duxbury boutique.

We sell our products in over 100 boutiques across the country but Duxbury is where we have our company headquarters. This is where we anchor the brand. We’re in a really fun area of town that’s right on the way to the beach. We have a fulfillment area in the back and the boutique in the front. We also just purchased an industrial monogramming machine which allows us to customize products.

Petit Peony
289 St. George St., Suite 101, Duxbury


Swedish Fish Classic Tunic
A creative take on red, white and blue, this adorable dress features a cute fish pattern and a contrasting neckline.

Swedish Fish Two-piece Bathing Suit
This adorable bathing suit is perfect for balmy beach days and backyard sprinkler sessions.

Navy Sweater with White Anchor
A cozy child’s sweater with a nautical anchor design is the answer to those chilly New England summer nights.

Watercolor Buffalo-Check Tunic
The summery classic check tunic features side vents and a star-spangled neckline.

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