Preserving “Craftivism”

It isn’t often that a quiet craft like knitting makes a major splash on the national political stage, but that’s exactly what happened on January 21, 2017, when thousands of Women’s March participants around the world donned pink knitted hats with cat “ears” in an effort to make a collective visual statement. Handmade by knitting circles, grandmas and young activists, these “pussyhats” were a sign of solidarity. Brockton’s Fuller Craft Museum is collecting hats worn during the demonstrations as a way of documenting this monumental act of social activism through craft (craftivism). The museum will be creating an archive and the hats will likely appear in a future museum exhibit.

Scituate resident Stacey Caplinger donated two pussyhats to the museum. The founder of Creative Hands Boston, Caplinger makes and sells a range of hand-knit and crocheted home décor items online. Since the Women’s March, she has received numerous hat orders and is currently awaiting a shipment of pink yarn. If you wish to donate a hat to the museum, please contact Beth McLaughlin, chief curator at Fuller Craft Museum, or visit

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