Plymouth Latches onto Lobsters

Photos by Leah Astore

You’ve probably seen them standing at prominent spots around town—5-foot-tall lobsters with flashy paint jobs. There are 29 fiberglass sculptures in all, each sponsored by a local business and decorated by an artist from the region. Claudine LeBlanc Reid, owner of Creating Marketing Results, came up with the concept of showcasing area businesses through the public art project. She teamed up with the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce who helped enlist artists and bring the idea to life.

The artists and businesses came up with creative concepts for each lobster’s design. There’s “Big Blue,” painted with a seaside scene of sailboats and whale tales, “Claws Monet,” who holds fast to a paintbrush and palette and “RocKing Lobster,” affixed with piano keys, drumsticks, CDs and more. A convenient Lobster Crawl map was created to make finding the creative crustaceans easy.

Reid also put together a picture book, “Tails of America’s Hometown,” with illustrator Jan Walsh, which details in whimsical fashion each lobster and its significance. Walsh incorporated her original watercolor designs of fish, beaches and even depictions of The Mayflower into the story to give it a true feeling of Plymouth and what the town has to offer. “The book was meant to be lighthearted and informative,” says Reid. “I see the joy the lobsters bring to individuals and love that it celebrates art and the community.” The books can be purchased in several local shops as well as at Plymouth’s visitor center and the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce. 

Browse our gallery of some–but not all–of Plymouth’s beautiful and diverse lobsters:

RocKing Lobster



Sid – Supporting Independence and Dignity

Rasta Lobstah

Personal Injury LAW-bster


MAX – Your Hometown Expert!

Lynx the Lucky Lobster

Luigi The Lobster


Claws Monet

Childhood Memories

Lu-Sea the Lobster

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