Pets Parade at the Tails at Twilight Gala

Above: Carmella, a domestic shorthair cat, was one of the pets up for adoption (at the time this article was printed) at the Scituate Animal Shelter.
Written Noelle Barbosa

Name: Gideon. Breed: Siberian Husky. Age: 5 years old (approximately) Likes: People, walks, jogs, car rides. Dislikes: Small animals since he has a rather strong prey drive and any human or pet near his food – he’s protective of his food and treats. Best Environment: Gideon is very energetic and will thrive in an active household. He will do best with older children due to his food protection and robust energy.

Scituate Animal Shelter’s premiere fundraiser, the Tails at Twilight Gala, will take place on October 20 at Black Rock Country Club. This annual event that the nonprofit shelter nets most of its revenue. “Donations are the lifeblood of our shelter.” says Executive Director Maryann Regan who is amazed by the generosity she receives from the community. Guests who attend the gala will have the opportunity to enter raffles and bid on both live and silent auction items – all donated from local businesses and individuals. A lively pet parade is slated to be a crowd-pleaser once again as shelter alumni slip into costume and strut down an outdoor runway with their adoptive parent.

“We’ll have a few dogs and one brave cat,” says Regan about the promenade. “All proceeds from this event will help the Scituate Animal Shelter continue its mission of improving the quality of life for both the companion animals and the people of our community.”

The Scituate Animal Shelter is a primarily volunteer-run organization and funded solely by private endowments. In addition to providing monetary gifts and pet supplies, supporters donate blankets, towels, paper goods and many other vital necessities. Children also contribute by asking for pet-related products in lieu of birthday gifts and donating those items. “People who are willing to open up their homes and hearts to animals is a very heartwarming experience and we get to see this on a daily basis,” says Regan.

For information about the Tails at Twilight Gala or to make a donation, visit: The Scituate Animal Shelter is located at 780 Chief Justice Cushing Highway (Route 3A). *All of the animals pictured were available for adoption at the time of publication. 

 Name: Zelda. Breed: Domestic Shorthair. Age: 7 years old (approximately) Likes: Love, patience and independence. Dislikes: Other cats. Best Environment: Zelda will thrive in a quiet household without other pets. She is looking for a cat lover who truly understands feline behavior and will be patient with her as she transitions into a new home. With that in place, Zelda will be a big love.

Name: Morris. Breed: Domestic Shorthair Age: 5 years old (approximately). Likes: Love and attention. Dislikes: Surroundings that are ‘too fast’. Best Environment: Morris will thrive is a quiet home with a slower pace because he is shy and timid at first. Once he warms up, he is friendly and loving.

Name: Rocco. Breed: Blue Nose Pit. Age: 9 years old (approximately) Likes: Just about anyone and anything. He loves attention and short walks (because he is a sweet senior guy). Dislikes: Not many dislikes for this really great guy. Best Environment: He would probably prefer a quieter lifestyle and not too much activity because he has joint issues due to his age.

Name: Panda. Breed: Domestic Shorthair. Age: 2 years old (approximately) Likes: Love, attention, food and just about anything. Dislikes: Not much – he is an easy going sweetheart. Best Environment: Panda is looking for a household that will shower him with the love and attention he deserves. He has lived with other cats and children.

Name: Carmella. Breed: Domestic Shorthair. Age: 6 years old (approximately) Likes: Attention and being the boss. Dislikes: Not being the boss. Best Environment: Carmella is looking for a person who will give her endless love and attention, but who also knows when to leave her alone – giving and receiving affection has to be on her terms. She also prefers to be the only pet in a household.

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