One-Stop Wellness

What if all of your health practitioners were located in the same place? That’s the concept behind Zen Den, the South Shore’s newly opened pain management clinic and holistic health facility.

“I always wondered what it would it be like to have everything under one roof, where multiple practitioners are discussing a person’s whole health, not just their physical health—reducing chronic pain—but their entire well-being,’” says Zen Den founder Mary Kim-Garrity. An athletic trainer, educator and self-proclaimed “neuroscience geek,” Kim-Garrity created a pain management program that integrates structural and movement therapies with neuroscience and ancient therapeutic practices to help a variety of clients whose injuries range from back injuries and lifelong scoliosis to concussions and traumatic brain injuries.

Offering innovative therapies like CorrectiveX and BioCored suspension training and sports vision training, the Zen Den’s pain management program helps treat clients’ chronic pain by training the brain and body using different movement patterns that ultimately prevent future injury. “We work with people who are in a lot of pain who need to change the way that they stand, the way that they walk and the way that their muscle patterns are firing,” says Tiffany Kingman, manager, concierge and Pilates instructor at Zen Den. “We try to get your brain to talk more efficiently to your body.”

In addition to its pain management clinic, Zen Den offers complementary restorative and relaxation therapies that can be integrated into each client’s treatment plan. Fitness programs include Pilates reformer instruction, relaxing yoga classes (including aerial yoga), barre classes and kickboxing. The facility also has a variety of holistic practitioners on staff including an acupuncturist, life coach, massage therapist, nutritionist and reiki instructor. The facility also offers float therapy in a state-of-the-art sensory deprivation float tank. 392 Washington St., Norwell, 781-982-9545 ­—Colby Radomski

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