Ocean of Flavor

Thanks to the team of masterful oyster growers at Island Creek Oysters, the seaside town of Duxbury is known across the country as a producer of high-quality briny bivalves. This year, there’s a new oceanic delicacy on the menu—caviar.

Island Creek partnered with the world’s very first commercial sturgeon farm, Sterling Caviar Farm in Elverta, California. Much like their oysters, the caviar has a fresh and briny flavor profile. Some of the highest caliber chefs in the world source products from Island Creek, including chef Thomas Keller dish at the restaurant Per Se in New York City, whose dish Oysters and Pearls showcases both oysters and caviar.

Navigating caviar choices can be intimidating for some diners, especially since the product often carries a hefty price tag. Island Creek aims to make enjoying caviar as easy and enjoyable as possible by taking out the guesswork and offering a consistently high-quality product.

Caviar can be purchased on the Island Creek webstore and is available on its own or paired alongside a bag of oysters. Prices starting at $95 for 30 grams of caviar and a mother of pearl spoon and shipping is included.

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