Message in a Pillow

After a long and very white winter and with much of the snow already melted, what better way to ring in spring than by sprucing up your home. Adding decorative accessories, for example, can easily revamp and brighten spaces. One way to add a punch of color to your living room or bedroom is the addition of Trope Pillows—handcrafted throw pillows with meaning.

Hull resident Lauren Teller developed the concept of Trope Pillows after a lifetime spent as an artist, and her years with Soul Work where she realized the importance of creating a positive and peaceful surrounding. The word “trope” means to turn towards, and to change; and is a symbol of seeking positivity.  Each pillow, which Teller sews herself, displays an allegorical and uplifting design on a front 10 x 10 inch pocket. The craftsmanship is truly evident as each design showcases meticulous detail with every stitch. Her designs are all different from one another, but serve as a reminder of overcoming personal triumphs and adding positive energy to one’s life.

Inside each pillow’s pocket is a tiny wisdom card which tells a short story; often of how and why Teller chose this design as well as its significance to her life. At the bottom of the card is an affirmation. The pockets also serve a more practical purpose, and are large enough for storing journals, holding cell phones, and even remote controls.

Trope Pillows may be purchased at, and custom pillows are also available by request. 8-10% of profits from Teller’s pillows are generously donated to Women for Women International, an organization that helps women survivors of war around the globe.

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