Making Hands Happy

After working in Boston’s burgeoning bar scene for years, Kingston native Pamela Maguire and her fiancé Eric Uhrynowski set out to create a hand cream specifically designed to soothe the dry, cracked hands of hardworking bartenders and restaurant workers.

“All of the products on the market were too slippery, greasy or scented to be of use in a restaurant,” says Maguire. “We knew our product needed to be ultra moisturizing so we began with a Shea butter base and we added avocado oil, vitamin E and sesame oil.” After spending two years finessing their ideas, the couple moved to Maguire’s family turkey farm in Duxbury and started building the Vincent brand. The couple worked with chemists to tweak their recipe and make the hand salve shelf-stable and fast drying. The resulting product, Vincent Bartender’s Hand Salve (named after a fox that frequented the family farm) is suited for use in fast-paced, wet environments and can withstand multiple hand washings. Equally important—the product doesn’t leave streaks on glassware. Vincent is sold locally at the Craft Beer Cellar in Plymouth and other local retailers.

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