Make it Yourself Studio

If you’ve ever scrolled through images of homemade crafts on Facebook or Pinterest and thought to yourself, “I bet I could make that,” you might want to plan a visit to MIY Studio in Plymouth. Owner Jill Pimental is passionate about make-it-yourself projects and hopes to inspire others to leave their comfort zones and try something new. From sewing classes to long-term photography courses, MIY Studio is the place to try your hand at all things crafty.

Pimental has always been making things by hand. From a young age, she would alter and embellish her clothes and developed a talent for creating handbags. Realizing that she had a knack for sewing, she opened a sewing studio in 2011. She later expanded to offer a wider range of do-it-yourself lessons. She now hosts guest instructors who teach classes in everything from photography and Shibori fabric dyeing to felting and furniture flipping.

One of Pimental’s most recent creations was a rustic wine rack. She came up with the idea for the piece after her friend was tempted to purchase a similar item at a costly price. Pimental was confident that she could make her own rustic wine rack for a fraction of the cost—and then she did. Offering classes for children and adults, MIY Studio aims to inspire people in the community to unlock their creativity and afterward, have something to show for it.

Lauren Crociati

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