Local Color: Fall Photos of the South Shore

Photographer Kjeld Mahoney captures images of autumn on the South Shore

As soon as the foliage in his neighborhood begins to turn red and orange, Marshfield photographer Kjeld Mahoney heads outside with his camera. He uses a macro lens to capture the delicate texture of leaves in his backyard and often walks through the woods at a local conservation area to photograph the changing scenery on the North River. Some of Mahoney’s most dynamic images were taken almost by accident, when he was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time. In one instance, he was standing on a dock when a small skiff motored down the river and on another occasion he was taking photos at Widow’s Walk golf course when a fearless coyote sauntered into view. Mahoney displays a wide range of scenic South Shore images at his gallery in Scituate Harbor.

Kjeld Mahoney Photography
146 Front St., Scituate

Fall on the North River

Widow’s Walk golf course

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