Living it Up at the Duxbury Food & Wine Fest

Duxbury Food and Wine Festival kicked off on September 15 and wrapped up with a grand tasting on September 30. Here are some of the people we met there!

John and Ingrid McGinty

Laurie Sleeper, Collin Ryder

Debra and Philippe Odier

Karen and Ken Davidson

Paal Gisholt, Parker Kelley, Jill Gisholt

Erich Fritz, Anne Henning, Cap Cane, Marketta Fritz

Brenda Alexander, Terry Vose

Skip and Erin Bennett

Ned Flaherty and Rosemary Tufankjian

Mike and Robbi Redfield

Surya and Christine Sapra

Scott and Leanna Manning

Amy Smith and Justine McDonald

Rachel Fitzgerald and Janelle Remlinger

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