Learning to Just Breathe

Just Breathe Art has been around since 2012, but it was only this past December that artist and designer Suzanne Fareri-Early closed on the lease of a tiny building next to a retail nursery on the property at 290 Center St., in Pembroke, and opened a shop of her very own.

Fareri-Early began her artistic journey while advocating for her daughter, who suffers from tumors and dyslexia. As any parent would be, she was overwhelmed. She desperately needed an outlet. One day, a nurse tried to calm her, telling her to “just breathe.” And the light bulb went on in her head.

What began as a creative outlet became a thriving small business where she sells beautifully decorated windows. Shells, sand, starfish and stones are affixed to the glass—frozen in time. Her colorful pieces range in size from around 2-by-4-inches to much larger, wall-hanging pieces. In addition to her beach windows, Fareri-Early also sells bracelets and earrings made with German Alpaca silver and colorful stones, as well as hats, mittens and gloves made from yak wool, which are hand-made in Nepal. 290 Center St., Pembroke. www.justbreatheart.net

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