Juice It!

America’s Hometown is getting healthier one sip at a time with its first, full-serve juice bar, Vela, located in the heart of downtown. Owned by Plymouth natives and longtime friends Ana Dabrowski and Dan Anthony, Vela, which opened in late December, offers fresh, nutrient-packed juices and smoothies, cleanses and “solid” options like granola-acai bowls and seasonal salads.

It was a fortuitous situation that led the health-conscious pair to partner up and open their healthy oasis together. “Ironically [we were] both planning to open a juice bar, but hadn’t told each other until June of 2014,” Dabrowski explains. Oddly enough, she says, they both had their eyes on the same vacant space, located right across the street from her apartment.

Countless hours spent researching and perfecting recipes, and one floor-to-ceiling makeover later, the pair says bringing their dream to life by combining their love of the ocean with their love of food, “has been incredibly rewarding.”

Their love of all things coastal is evident, from Vela’s name (“vela,” in Latin, means “sails of a ship”), to their unique, coastal-themed menu (items include a “Browns Bank Sunset” juice and “The 1620” smoothie), and the space’s design—the teak and holly wrap-around bar, for example, shares a similar look to that of a sailboat. Dabrowski and Anthony made it a point to make the space feel a little like “home” too.

“We want customers to pull a seat up at the bar and feel like they are in our kitchen,” the pair says. 71 Court St., Plymouth, 508-591-7718, www.velajuicebar.com

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