In the Shadow of Light

In the Shadow of Light Front CovdrAUTHOR CLAIRE ALEMIAN lives in Hanover but grew up on Cape Ann. Her father worked on the Gloucester waterfront and as a result Alemian was immersed in the waterfront’s rugged culture, even working at a local fish factory for a summer. She drew upon these real life experiences and on the tough characters that she met when writing her debut novel, “In the Shadow of Light.”

The story is told through the eyes of a character named Ramona Newton as she looks back from midlife on her early years. By the time Ramona is 15, her mother has walked out, her father soon to follow, and she ends up at a place called the Far East, tending bar and hustling pool to survive. Set in the town of Gloucester during the turbulent ‘60s, the story reveals the clash of generations and class divides, as well as the turmoil created by the Vietnam War. Ultimately, it’s a coming-of-age story about a woman in search of her true self.

“In the Shadow of Light” will be launched on the South Shore and Cape Ann in late June. Both hardcover and ebook will be available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and on the author’s website,

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