High-tech Holiday

With technology advancing so quickly, it can be hard to keep up on the latest and greatest devices. One Braintree-based business, TAB USA, Inc., specializes in test driving innovative new products and selling them to customers at affordable prices. Their aim is to keep “tabs” on the latest tech trends so consumers don’t have to. We talked to CEO and founder Akash B. Modi to find out what makes his business unique and what he predicts will be the hottest gadget gifts this year.

What inspired you to create TAB USA?

I have always been fascinated with technology and gadgets but found they were often too expensive. I would always seek out cheaper alternative technologies (gadgets) online, but I wanted to be able to touch and feel products before I bought them. I discovered many small inventors and companies with great products and prices, but with no brand recognition. I decided to build a company that would benefit these small companies as well as consumers by allowing them to test out products before they purchase them. With a 30-day money back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty on all our products, customers can buy it with the confidence.

What is the Trade-up program? Where do the products go?

Any product purchased at TAB USA can be traded toward the purchase of any other product. We give customers trade-in value based on the condition of the product. Some pre-owned items are resold in the store and some are donated to local nonprofit organizations. All the LED shoes that are traded in, for example, are donated to Father Bill’s & Mainspring in Quincy.

1. TAB Wheels

People love hoverboards and TAB Wheels allows people to glide down the street hands-free, and look uber cool doing it.


2. TAB Runner

This shoe makes a flashy fashion statement. Pick from a total of seven different colors and four different blinking patterns. They’re great for early morning and evening jogs and bike rides.

3. TAB Lehe

This lightweight, foldable, electric scooter is capable of traveling 15 miles per hour and will go 28 miles per charge. The scooter is perfect for short jaunts across town and will fit easily into the trunk of your car.



Everyone is curious about VR (virtual reality). TAB VR headsets turn smart phones into 360 degree viewing devices and integrated headphones help users feel immersed in the experience. There are countless VR apps that can be used. TAB USA recommends you check out the 360 channel on YouTube.



Tired of cable? TAB TV was invented to turn your television into a streaming media player. It provides an amazing way to experience your favorite shows, games and the internet. It also features a 5.0 MP camera and built-in microphone for video calling.


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