Have Umbrella, Will Travel

Plymouth photographer Kris Marie Hughes specializes in taking family portraits and capturing vibrant images of local landscapes, but for the last several months she has also been working on a personal project that she affectionately calls her “Magical Traveler” series. The collection of photographs features images of friends and family, rock and roll legends and even brides holding a large rainbow umbrella in various settings. Unlike some of her more formal photo assignments, the umbrella pictures exemplify her whimsical, creative side.

Hughes and local author/producer J. Marshall Craig recently took over a 1,500-square-foot storefront on Court Street in Plymouth to open a new studio and gallery space called TreeHouse Studios. Hughes plans to exhibit examples of her styled portraits and commercial work as well as works by artists and photographers from around New England.

“I’m currently planning a “Rock and Roll Photographer” exhibit with legendary rock photographers like Rowland Scherman (he shot the cover of Bob Dylan’s “Greatest Hits” album) and John Rowlands (the photographer who caught Bowie’s famous arrow shot),” says Hughes, who hopes to make the studio a dynamic creative environment. 84 Court St., Plymouth

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