Front Door Décor by Burlap Bees

Inspired by the beauty of nature and a shared passion for rustic décor, South Shore moms Jennifer Vitelli and Susie O’Gara launched the handmade wreath business Burlap Bees in October. They offer a variety of wreath designs from romantic floral blooms to whimsical and nautical creations. The wreaths are made using natural woven jute ribbon or poly burlap ribbon, which is waterproof so it can withstand being hung outdoors in a variety of weather conditions. After carefully crafting the wreaths, Vitelli and O’Gara adorn them with seasonal embellishments.

Some of the most popular Burlap Bees designs have included fluttering Gerber daisy and dahlia wreaths, a bright orange and green spring carrot and a similarly colored Saint Patrick’s Day wreath for locals who want to show off their Irish pride. Another favorite has been the “Old Glory” a red, white and blue natural burlap wreath adorned with white starfish that has a patriotic appeal.

“With each new design we roll out, the response has been incredibly positive,” says Vitelli. “We are constantly brainstorming new ideas to introduce depending upon the season or upcoming holiday. After this long dreary winter, we’re delighted to debut our colorful spring and summer collection.” 

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