From Instamatic to Instant Magic

Born and raised in Weymouth, Peggie Strachan first saw the world through a camera lens at the age of 12, when she received a Kodak Instamatic.
“I was inspired by my aunt and uncle who were members of the South Shore Camera Club,” says Strachan. “We would often visit with them and they would present a slide show of their latest work.” As Strachan grew, her equipment evolved from Instamatics to a manual Minolta SLR, and finally to the digital Nikon D40X she currently uses.

“I like to describe my photography as a ‘walkabout’ genre,” she says. “I enjoy capturing nature, wildlife, travel destinations, national parks, and everything in between.” For several years she’s been involved in photographing desserts for a future cookbook. As a member of the South Shore Camera Club, Strachan’s work has been recognized in print publications and at juried events, including the Quincy Arts Fest, Massasoit Arts Affairs and the Annual Plymouth Juried Art Show, among others. See some of her amazing work at, or visit her blog at

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