For the Love of Landscapes

Printmaker Michele Meister and her son, photographer Spence Nelson, are co-exhibiting at the James Library this month. It is the first time the mother and son will hang their artwork side by side, but their pieces have undeniable similarities. “I am excited to have a show with my son and I am also excited because I think our art works nicely together,” says Meister. “The pieces all have a quietness about them that will enhance each other.”

Meister, who grew up on 100-acre farm in Illinois, says her art is inspired by landscapes, and especially by twilight and moonlight. “I was so influenced by my surroundings and it’s the first time I experienced that feeling of centeredness that always returns to me when I am in nature,” says Meister. Many of the landscapes that influenced her work can be found on the South Shore: the sinuous North River, the soft roll of fog moving through coastal towns, and the last remains of color that drip from the sky just after sunset. By exploring the duality of shadow and light through her monotypes, she shares her experiences with her viewers.

Nelson, whose fascination is for photographing cityscapes, also frequently heads out at dawn and dusk to capture his images. He photographs manmade structures as they catch the light and shadows. “The sun reflecting off of glass surfaces creates isolated, unsettling patterns on adjacent buildings and the ground—ephemeral, shining entities that glide across our windows and down our streets,” says Nelson. “As we leave our homes in the morning and return in the evening, these fleeting accidental creations come out to greet us, spectral byproducts of the strange and glittering world we have created for ourselves.” James Library, 24 West St., Norwell, 781-659-7100 -Kelly Chase

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