Dishware by Design

Hingham resident Allen Arseneau was visiting his grandfather at an assisted living facility several years ago when he noticed how the simple action of picking up a cup of water caused his grandfather to have pain in his hand and wrist. Looking around the room, Arseneau noticed that many other people were struggling to grasp the handles of their teacups as well. Resolving to find a solution to the problem, Arseneau and his wife Diana set out to design an ergonomic mug that would be comfortable for anyone to hold. They call their new-and-improved mug the Jamber.

Allen and Diana Arseneau are the founders of Jamber.

The design for the mug took two and a half years to perfect. The Arseneaus teamed up with the former president of the American Occupational Therapy Association, Dr. Karen Jacobs, and began poring over hand-grip data and creating prototypes. After nearly 100 design iterations and countless 3D-printed trials, the couple successfully launched the Jamber mug in May 2016 at a conference for senior living communities. Just this past December, Jamber mugs were made available to the general public.

Available in a few different colors and sizes, the Jamber mug is specifically designed to reduce strain and stress on hands, fingers and wrists by putting the individual’s hand into a neutral, relaxed position. The mug also features a stabilizing foot to reduce the incidence of spills. These subtle changes make a big difference to how a person’s hand feels when holding the mug. Made in America, Jamber mugs are currently used in senior living facilities in almost 50 states and in Canada, but the hope is to introduce the products to a much wider audience. The company’s newest product, the Vivian Mug, is making its debut this month. The new mug is named after Vivian Wilson, a 5-year old girl suffering from Stage 4 High-Risk Neuroblastoma. Jamber is donating $2 from every Vivian Mug sale to the family. Jamber mugs can be purchased locally at Carolann’s in Hingham and online.

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