Discoveries and Fabrications

Photography by Jack Foley

Photographer Jack Foley has been in business on the South Shore for over 35 years, capturing everything from weddings and family portraits to charitable events and countless business owners for South Shore Living and other local publications. Even when he’s not working, the Hanover resident keeps an eye out for interesting subject matter. He often snaps photographs while out walking and has been known to put together impromptu still-life scenes when inspiration strikes. Thinking like an artist filling a canvas, Foley will incorporate different elements into his frame until the shot is just right.

“One day I found this galvanized bucket that had water inside of it and wanted to see what it would look like with flowers and leaves floating in the water,” says Foley, who also enjoys experimenting with digital manipulation techniques.

A collection of Foley’s creative works is on display at the Hingham Public Library’s Dolphin Gallery this month for an exhibit titled “Discoveries and Fabrications.” Sponsored by the North River Arts Society, the show will run through January 4, 2018.

Hingham Public Library, 66 Leavitt St., Hingham, 781-741-1405. For more information on Foley’s work, visit

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