Curious Canvas

At 40 feet long, Robyne Recca’s landscape painting of a pond scene makes an impression based on its size alone, but it is the artist’s unusual choice for a canvas that really sets her work apart. That’s because the mural, which depicts flowering trees and a swan family at the edge of a pond, is painted on a stockade fence in Recca’s backyard.

“I wanted to challenge myself with elements I had never painted before like rocks, birch trees, creatures, and perspective (which I have struggled with),” says Recca, who power-washed and sealed the wooden boards before she set to work with her acrylic paints.

The Stoughton resident, who teaches painting and calligraphy at her home studio as well as at Massasoit Community College, spent the better part of a summer working on the mural. “I worked on the fence from sun-up to sunset and sometimes at night with a flashlight,” says Recca. “I took breaks while the sun was stronger but the only days off were the rainy days. My summer expression was, ‘I’m on the fence.’ ”

Horizontal lines had to be filled in with liner brushes, due to the ridges of the fence, and after Recca was finished painting, she applied multiple coats of polyurethane to protect the image.  The painting has attracted the attention of friends and neighbors as well as fellow artists and led Recca to contemplate future mural projects. “I have 50 feet of fence on the other side of my property where I’d like to do a Cape Cod scene: light house, beach, Adirondack chairs, etc. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

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