Creative Dream Team

Above: Plymouth Rocks Events team members Noelle Poremski, Tim Downie, Maureen Boyle, Rich Bat, Mike Gioscia, Jim Gilbert and Scott Campbell
By Maria Allen | Photo Liz Rogan McCarthy

An eclectic group of musicians, filmmakers and art lovers from a wide range of creative backgrounds recently teamed up to found Plymouth Rocks Events Inc., a nonprofit that aims to bring unique and exciting music and film experiences to Plymouth while raising money for local school music programs.

“Art transformed all of our lives,” says executive directorMike Gioscia, who in addition to being an award-winning filmmaker, writer, musician and radio DJ/producer for WZLX and WXRV, is also a father of two teenagers. “Kids aren’t getting enough music and art in school. So instead of just complaining about it, I started thinking that there might be something cool I could do to help the situation,” says Gioscia.

The Halifax resident began reaching out to his connections in the radio and film industries as well as to some fellow music lovers in Plymouth like Tim Downie, owner of Mars Records and head of promotion for The Cavern at New World Tavern (a venue Gioscia knew from performing with the Pretenders cover band Pretendica). Together, he and his friends worked to establish the organization and began hosting exciting music events (such as bringing Jane Wiedlin from the Go-Gos to The Cavern) and they held their first major fundraiser, which featured an exhibit of rare and unusual rock band paraphernalia courtesy of the David Bieber Archives.

Gioscia dreams of holding an independent film festival in Plymouth someday and possibly g a town-wide music festival “like a mini version of Austin’s South by Southwest.” In the meantime, people can check out their upcoming events, including their Oct. 27 Plymouth Rocks Halloween Fest, at

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