Coworking Comes to Marshfield

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who works from home or a salesperson who is often on the road, not everyone has the space (or the budget) for a dedicated office. Coworking facilities have become increasingly popular in recent years as they serve as convenient, professional spaces that can be used as much or as little as needed. We checked in with the owners of Work Local, a new shared office facility in Marshfield, to find out why coworking can be a better alternative to working on your laptop at your local coffee shop.

What makes coworking spaces cool?

A coworking space is a share workplace that includes common office amenities. Within Work Local, you can find a range of office configurations, from casual open areas with high-top table seating to shared tables, dedicated office suites and private rooms. Work Local offers individual and group membership options can is open for single-day use and multi-month plans. Additional amenities include conference rooms, which can be rented by the hour or by the day, training rooms and a kitchen.

Why is a coworking space better than working from home or at a coffee shop?

A coworking space offers the serenity of a professional office. There are no screaming kids or café chatter so people can focus on their work in an environment where everyone else there is committed to doing the same. Members also enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi and unlimited coffee.

Who are shared office spaces designed for?

A coworking space is ideal for individuals who want the professionalism and sophistication of an office space without the cost or burden of managing an entire facility. This includes startups, freelancers, satellite offices and remote workers. Work Local is designed to accommodate all budgets and worker personas, whether you prefer to work somewhere quiet and secluded or more social. The owners of Work Local also make their location available for free to local sports organizations and nonprofits who need occasional meeting space, including Marshfield Youth Baseball, Marshfield Coastal Stars and school parent teacher organizations.

Do you have to be a member?

No. Work Local allows non-members to rent spaces on an as-needed basis. However, if you do want to secure an ongoing work space and more of the facility’s privileges, such as reception services, printing and copying and a dedicated mailing address, you can apply for membership.

Will your business stay private/safe?

Work Local takes great strides to protect its members’ business. Not only is its network fast, but it’s secure. Members are also provided with cyber safety guides to learn about further protecting their information. Private offices have locking doors and file cabinets, and there is locked storage available for those using open workspaces. For members accessing their offices outside of working hours, Work Local also has security cameras on the property.

-Courtney Garvey

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