“Circle of Life”

Acrylic and ink on canvas by Dawn DeCosta

Bold colors, rich textures and graffiti-like marks define artist Dawn DeCosta’s paintings and make them visually pop. The Hanson resident has recently been working on a series of paintings entitled “Searching for Brightness” that features abstract landscapes. Her painting “Circle of Life,” for example, subtly suggests flowers in a flurry of paint drips and dots.

“I would describe my work as neo-expressionism,” says DeCosta, who always appreciated art but only started painting seriously in 2013. “I often work on two or three pieces simultaneously, adding and removing paint. Conceptually, I am attracted to the movement of paint and ink and the blending and layering of mediums.” DeCosta’s vivid canvases are filled with positive energy. “Bright colors inspire me and many of my clients,” says DeCosta. “I once commissioned a small piece for a woman fighting stage IV cancer. She would carry it to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute as she agonized her way through various appointments and hospital stays. If one of my paintings reaches someone like that, then I have done my job.”  

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