Chocolate, Spice and Everything Nice




When you wander into a chocolate shop like Purefections in Quincy, it’s easy to crave a little taste of everything. Lucky for us, they recently started offering chocolate tasting flights. Inspired by the popularity of their chocolate habanero disk, the owners of Purefections decided they would see what other combinations they could create. Their new sampler boxes are filled with 6 unique variations of dark, milk and white chocolate, including dark chocolate habanero, milk chocolate Sriracha, milk chocolate espresso and sea salt (made with espresso beans sourced locally at Coffee Break Cafe), white chocolate lime salt (their twist on a margarita— hold the tequila), dark chocolate white truffle sea salt, and lastly, a dark chocolate dusted with pink Himalayan sea salt powder. The shop is currently working with local breweries so they can begin offering beer and chocolate flight tastings—a sweet combination of flavors. 102 Franklin St., Quincy, 617-328-6248,

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