Chatting with Faith DiBona Owner of per Simmons

How long have you owned the business and what have you done to make it your own?

I am entering my sixth year of owning the store. In addition to updating the website and creating more of a presence on social media, I have tried to incorporate more contemporary and on trend lines with the traditional lines that per Simmons has always been known for.

What informs your buying? 

When buying for the store I am always mindful of my customer base.  I have very loyal customers and their tastes and desires dictate a certain percentage of what I buy.  However, I am always striving to attract new and diverse customers so it’s important to always have unique and different items coming into the store throughout the year.  I want customers to see new things every time they visit.

What is one thing people may not know about your boutique? 

Per Simmons has been part of the Norwell community for 30 years. We offer complimentary gift wrap, bridal registry services, shipping and corporate gift giving. Often times I have customers come into the store and tell me about something they saw in their travels and I am always happy to bring in items at my customer’s request.

per Simmons

293 Washington St., Norwell


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