Charming Wine Accessories

A pair of local entrepreneurs recently launched a line of upscale wine charms to enhance the experience of enjoying wine with family and friends. Nodding Bur Originals was founded by Plymouth resident Barbara Graveline and Paula Kelly of Foxboro. Manufactured in Rhode Island, the charms made their debut at the Nantucket Wine Festival in May of 2017.

Designed to hang on the stem of a wine glass, the metal charms feature images and words like Believe, Begin and Become, which are intended to serve as reminders to enjoy the simple moments in life.

“In developing our business, we created a company name that represents the essence of our brand,” says Graveline. “The Nodding Bur Marigold, a native New England wild flower, is uniquely beautiful and resilient.  Our brand and collection of products are infused with this sentiment.”   In an effort to further inspire positive change in the world, the founders offer a pay-it-forward promise to customers that they will donate a portion of their net profits to the Center for Women & Enterprise, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people start and grow their businesses.

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