Caswell Company

A decades-old, family-run business finds its way back to its South Shore roots.

By Kelly Chase

Perhaps while perusing a gift shop, you’ve noticed the Caswell Company’s cards and prints, which feature paintings of iconic New England scenes such as beaches and cottages, the Boston Common swan boats and ducklings, and New England sports teams. Many of the images are soft watercolor depictions, and all are a collaboration between local artists and the decades-old, family-run Caswell Company.

The Caswell Company, which has operated galleries and frame shops throughout the South Shore and Boston, recently moved its operations to Pembroke. In the new location, brother and sister David Caswell and Sarah Laine and their team provide framing services for large-scale commercial projects, such as all the framing in the main suites for TD Garden, and also small orders, for example a custom frame for a new piece of art in a home. The company also continues to sell prints, and with their relocation to the South Shore, they’ve added new art, including Powder Point Bridge in Duxbury, crimson cranberry bogs and a beach wagon suited for summer.

Caswell and Laine’s mother Marianne Caswell was the first artist they worked with, selling prints of her work, which were printed on cards and eventually other stationery. Today, the Caswell Company works with a handful of artists to create beloved nearby scenes, which are sold online, in gift shops and more recently in Walgreens, Whole Foods and other grocery stores. “They are all local representational scenes that people have experienced whether by living there or visiting and they’ve enjoyed that experience and when they see the card or the print they say ‘I’d love to take that back to remember this place,’” says Caswell.

All manufacturing and framing is done in the new Pembroke space, printing takes place in Braintree and many of their artists are within ten miles of the new shop. “I think it’s a goal for people to have everything be right here and local, and we’re proud of the fact that we do that. We do everything right here, which makes our turnaround time better, too,” says Laine.

The family-run company, which started in Hanover and Falmouth over 25 years ago, has adapted to the evolving art market. They’ve owned galleries, retail stores and framing shops on the Cape, South Shore and Boston, and now their back on the South Shore. Like a growing family, they adapt. “It has been over 25 years, so there has been a lot of growth and when it’s a family-run business, like any business, there’s decision making and aggravations, but I don’t think you have a business for over 25 years if you don’t know that you all love each other and love what you’re doing,” says Caswell. “At the end of the day, you all have to pull the same way.” Today, that means Pembroke.

Caswell Company, 70 Corporate Park Drive, Suite 1250, Pembroke, 617-934-4933,

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