Believing the Impossible with Magician John Duke Logan

Magician and motivational speaker John Duke Logan inspires audiences to dream big.

By Rick Bach | Photography by Jack Foley

Armed with little more than a stack of playing cards, a few spare coins and a bag of Oreos, John Duke Logan creates magical illusions that will blow your mind. What began as a fun way to entertain his family and friends became a professional passion. He has performed inside the New England Patriots locker room and onstage in front of audiences of entrepreneurs. His tricks are exciting to watch, but what sets Logan apart from other entertainers is his desire to use magic as a tool to inspire others in their personal and professional pursuits.

“I’ve always enjoyed the idea that everything can be looked at from a different perspective,” says Logan. “Magic blurs the line between imagination and reality and brings us back to a time when we believed anything was possible.”

Courtesy of Martin Morales

A Hanover native, Logan knows firsthand how life can work in mysterious ways. “The moment that really skyrocketed my career happened when I was 12 years old,” he says. “I was at my aunt’s birthday party and feeling bored, so I decided to create a magic trick.” Logan later filmed the trick and put the video up on YouTube. A few weeks later, a talent agency reached out to him and eventually made him a creative consultant. “I started helping teams who were working for big names like David Blaine, David Copperfield and Penn & Teller,” says Logan.

Shortly after graduating from Bryant University, Logan was hired to be a Live Content Correspondent for the New England Patriots. He spends several days a week conducting interviews with players, taking photographs and creating multimedia content for the website. When his boss discovered that Logan had a knack for magic tricks, they decided to weave that into his job. At one point he even started his own video segment called “Magic Moments” where he would perform magic tricks for members of the team. “The goal was to help fans learn about the different players and enhance the team culture,” says Logan.

There isn’t any technological wizardry behind his act. In fact, Logan often borrows everyday objects from audience members and incorporates them into his tricks. “Everything I use can be bought at a convenience store and will fit inside a backpack,” he says.  He works closely with his personal consultant, Stathi Zaf, developing new tricks. Logan’s personable nature and upbeat enthusiasm endears him to his audiences. Whether he’s speaking to a crowd of college students, a professional football player or an aspiring business owner, Logan’s message is the same–impossible is just a word.

Courtesy of John Duke Logan

“Magic is essentially an impossible situation becoming possible,” says Logan. “And if I can achieve the impossible, then why can’t you?” Logan has authored two books, “The Perfect Illusion: Life” and “The Magic Behind Success,” which both focus on magic not just as a form of entertainment but also a powerful tool that can change a person’s life for the better.

Logan has branched out into motivational speaking and has given talks at numerous TEDx events throughout the country. “I studied and interviewed some of the world’s most creative magicians to see if there was a parallel between how they think and what society can learn from their creative process (not in terms of manipulation or misdirection, but how they get from point A to point B),” says Logan.

After analyzing his findings, Logan created a five-stage creative process he calls The Magician-Entrepreneurial Journey and he demonstrates the creative strategy at his talks by performing magic tricks. “I want people to walk away from my show knowing that if they combine enough determination, motivation, and apply some of the techniques I talk about, they can achieve their goals.”

**On April 7, John Duke Logan will be performing at Scituate Education Foundation’s Light Up the Night fundraiser. 

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