“After Work Friend”

Watercolor Painting by JK “Jack” Sullivan

“Some of the best times to be on the beach are the less busy hours, later in the day,” says Marshfield artist Jack Sullivan, whose paintings give the impression of South Shore landscapes with soft washes of color. According to Sullivan, the title of his watercolor painting, “After Work Friend,” could refer to the person walking on the beach or to the beach itself.

Raised to have an appreciation for art, Sullivan was encouraged to make pictures, instead of watching television after supper. His mother’s one rule was that each sheet of paper had to be filled, on both sides, before he could get another. This taught him to consider not just the subject matter of his drawings, but also the shape of the paper and all the marks he made on it.

Sullivan, who has worked as a correctional officer for much of his adult life, enjoys painting in his spare time. He devotes a good amount of time to sketching and practicing watercolor painting techniques.

To view more of Sullivan’s watercolors, visit his South Shore Watercolors page on Facebook or Etsy.

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