A Higher Perspective

Plymouth Aerial Drones takes photography to new heights

Photography by Kenneth Theriot

With more than a decade of experience producing creative content and a lifelong love for remote control helicopters and cinematography, Kenneth Theriot recently decided to branch into the business of drone photography.  The executive director of Plymouth Aerial Drones, Theriot uses the latest drone technology to capture crisp aerial images of South Shore towns. His clients include realtors, municipalities, engineers and businesses that are interested in delivering highly engaging content
to their viewers.

“The best drone photographers have a background in traditional photography and/or
cinematography because the same rules apply at 400 feet as on the ground,” says Theriot. Capable of flying up to 400 feet in the air (the height permitted by the FAA) the drones make it possible to photograph the local landscape from new perspectives.

For more information, visit plymouthaerialdrones.com.

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