A Creative Cafe

Located in the seaside village of Manomet, Blue Harbour Cafe opened its doors in December of 2015. While the restaurant specializes in serving breakfast and lunch favorites, the rotating menu boasts a surprising variety including internationally inspired dishes.

In the morning, guests can choose from breakfast items like kielbasa omelets, jalapeño scramblers and hand-cut French toast. The cafe is also known for its Irish hash and flavorful omelets. Lunch options range from a Cape Cod Reuben to steak tips, and dinner, which will be offered starting in September, gives a nod to Chinese cuisine, specializing in homemade egg rolls, calamari with scallops and shrimp, and Yu Hosing chicken.

The restaurant is owned by Culinary Institute of America graduate George Merson and his wife, Bobbi, who hails from Nanjing, China. Bobbi’s homemade Chinese dishes are made with fresh ingredients and are popular with the locals. “It’s always been a dream of ours to own a restaurant,” says Merson. “We named the restaurant after my wife’s favorite place in China, Blue Harbour.” Hours and menu items vary seasonally. For the latest specials, visit the restaurant Facebook page. 775 State Road, Manomet, 508-224-9676.­ —Danika Thiele

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