Renaissance Revelry

9 fun facts about King Richard’s Faire

Photography courtesy of King Richard’s Faire

King Richard’s Faire is celebrating its 36th season of merriment in Carver. The whimsical Renaissance festival is a popular autumn tradition for people of all ages. From its famed jousting tournament to its theatrical cast of troubadours and acrobats, we’ve rounded up nine fun festival facts you should know before you go.


One of the signature items on the faire food menu is the giant turkey leg, which is brined and spit-roasted to give it its distinctive flavor and appearance. The faire sells hundreds of these meaty meals every day. You can also choose to dine on items like the Chancellor’s chili boule, Carvershire cranberry salad or a basket of loaded seasoned waffle fries.


Over 100 artisans showcase their wares throughout the village. Visitors can peruse an array of silver jewelry, pottery mugs and beer steins, leather shoes and clothing, shields and swords—yes, there are actual swordsmiths on-site.


Three jousting tournaments take place at the faire each day. Brave knights on horseback wield 20-foot wooden lances and battle for the King’s favor. While the routine is choreographed, the action is very real, with competitors riding toward one another at approximately 25 miles per hour.


The faire provides entertainment for all ages. While there are some performances of a more bawdy nature that are best suited for teens and adults (parents usually get a verbal warning before the show begins), the majority of the entertainment is family friendly. Kids will enjoy the musical and acrobatic performances, pony rides and the royal joust.


Spirited theme weekends add to the merriment at the faire. Highlights include Game of Thrones and Harry Potter theme days. Fans are encouraged to dress as their favorite character and take part in a costume and trivia competition for a chance to win prizes.


It isn’t necessary to come in costume, but many visitors enjoy looking like lords and ladies while they’re sipping their mead. If you don’t have any 16th-century garments hanging in your closet, you can rent a costume for the day at the faire. Prince and princess costumes for kids are also available.


Did you know you can renew your wedding vows at the faire? Couples can take a romantic ride on the swan swing, enjoy a glass of Champagne and renew their commitment to one another during a ceremony on the king’s stage. Some of the other special events held on the faire grounds include bachelor and bachelorette parties, wedding proposals and children’s birthday parties.



The King Richard’s Faire villager program provides theatrical training and valuable performance experience to thousands of budding actors, singers, dancers and musicians. A casting call is held each year for people to audition for roles as historical characters, acrobats, jugglers and more. Talent comes from all over the country to perform each season.


The entertainment at King Richard’s Faire is anything but boring. There are giant puppets and wizards wandering through the woods, an exotic cat show, comedic acts like the Washing Well Wenches, rides for kids and games of skill such as archery and axe throwing. New acts this year include fire jugglers, high-flying pogo stick stunts and a new music and drumming show.

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